Doctor Dry

Doctor Dry is a brand new disposable antiperspirant. It is very comfortable in use and literally eliminates the problem of excessive sweating. Most importantly, pads do not block the sebaceous glands and are therefore the healthiest alternative to antiperspirants and deodorants.

During the usage of Doctor Dry pads, clothes are protected from moisture, stains, and odors. Thus, it is not necessary to use any other antiperspirant. The glands function properly and further health issues are avoided.

Doctor Dry comes in two different packages - A cardboard box containing 18 pads and a polyethylene packaging containing 80 pieces. When buying a large package, the customer saves a lot of money. Each pad is packaged in insulated polyethylene, so it can also be sold separately. The pads are produced in compliance with all sanitary and production standards. They are completely safe and highly effective.